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STR Profiling 300

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STR Profiling Services for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine

STR Profiling 300

To authenticate and establish the identity of new cell lines—includes database cross referencing analysis

STR300 is designed to authenticate and establish the identity of new cell lines by conducting a comprehensive analysis that includes database cross referencing against CLG’s proprietary STR reference data base (includes more than 2,800 stem cell samples), the ATCC database, JCBR database and the German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ) database to ensure the uniqueness of a cell line’s STR profile.

Cell Line Genetics recommends STR300 as an initial test to establish the identity of a cell line—whether it is derived in house or obtained from a repository or other laboratory.   Continued DNA fingerprinting, STR100 or STR300, is recommended on all cell lines in long-term culture to monitor for changes in copy number variation (CNVs), to detect culture mix-ups, and cross contamination of lines.

  • PowerPlex™ 16 System for co-amplification and three color detection of fifteen STR loci and Amelogenin
  • Complete STR profile report including allele table and electropherogram (by request)
  • Culture swabs, isolated DNA, and live cells accepted
  • DNA extraction and amplification included
  • Cross contamination detection and analysis
  • STR profile comparison analysis (if needed)
  • Bioinformatics Database Analysis—cross references results against CLG, ATCC, JCRB and DSMZ databases
  • Comprehensive interpretation by a Cell Line Genetics senior scientist
  • Results securely stored in CLG database
  • Fast turnaround time, highly accurate, competitively priced

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