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G-Band Karyotyping

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Multispecies G-band Karyotyping Analysis

Cell Line Genetics is recognized world-wide for its expertise in cell line karyotyping analysis. Unlike most cytogenetic core facilities focused on clinical testing, Cell Line Genetics is dedicated to providing the cell therapy and regenerative medicine field with the highest quality cytogenetics service available with fast turn-around guaranteed.

Cell Line Genetics' scientists are rigorously trained and experienced with cell genomic stability analysis and structural chromosomal anomalies unique to multipotent and pluripotent stem cell lines—many of which can lead to invasive cell populations.  Since the company’s inception, Cell Line Genetics has characterized thousands of adult, embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells samples from leading academic institutions, government agencies, and industry stem cell labs.  Request an estimate today and have Cell Line Genetics become your g-band karyotyping quality assurance partner.

• Harvesting of live cell cultures for chromosome analysis

• Live cell cultures and metaphase cell pellets accepted

• Chromosome analysis of 20 cells per cell line

• High quality G-band karyotypes in publication ready format

• Comprehensive interpretation of results by a CLG scientist

• Report signed by clinically certified cytogeneticist

• Results securely stored in CLG database

• 7-10 day turn around—rush services are available

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