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Your Partner in Stem Cell Quality Assurance

Cell Line Genetics is the leading provider of multispecies quality assurance services and products specifically designed to ensure the genetic integrity and authentication of adult, embryonic stem cells (ESC), and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines.

As a leader in the stem cell and regenerative medicine field, CLG has the track record and technical expertise to meet the demanding needs of the leading universities and research institutes, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Cell Line Genetics Quality Assurance Services and Products

Array Comp. Genomic Hybridization (aCGH)


aCGH technology for human stem cell and cancer cell lines with probe coverage in ISCA and cancer associated genes. [Learn More]

G-Band Karyotyping


Chromosome analysis of cancer and stem cell line lines from over 10 species [Learn More]

Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization


Early detection of abnormal emerging cell populations and cryptic chromosome aberrations by interphase FISH. [Learn More]

Short Tandem Repeat Analysis


Human cell line identity, authentication and cross contamination detection. [Learn More]



Rapid detection of the most common trisomies in human and mouse stem cells. [Learn More]

PCR Based Mycoplasma Detection


Detection of the 11 most common strains of mycoplasma bacteria found in cultured cells. [Learn More]

Custom Quality Assurance Work


CLG conducts custom projects for leading academic, government and industry labs such as custom FISH, transgene site mapping, validation of aCGH finds and much more.

[Custom FISH probe construction and hybridization]
[Transgene Integration Site Mapping]
[FISH validation of aCGH findings]

Quality Assurance Packages


Specially designed stem cell characterization packages designed to keep logistics simple and costs down.[Learn More]


[Package 1] Cell Line Identity Test (STR analysis) - G-Banded Karyotyping - Standard FISH (2-probes)
[Package 2] Cell Line Identity Test (STR analysis) - G-Banded Karyotyping - Mycoplasma Detection

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